We have been operating since 1980, providing an important support service to Singapore’s role as a leading container port in the world. SINSPEC applies its expertise to service the world’s largest container Owners and Operators.

Our worldwide team of more than 250 professional inspectors who are all IICL certified / trained and our service-oriented administrative staff have set a standard which is the envy of many. This has enabled us to provide a whole range of services that assist customers to effectively manage and control their M&R costs.

Being based in the center of the Asia-Pacific region, acknowledged as the world’s fastest growing area, has enabled SINSPEC to keep abreast with the developments in the very competitive container industry. We can therefore provide a vital link to the rest of the world.

SINSPEC is value

You get value because we practise strict uniformity of standards worldwide. This was not achieved easily, but we succeeded through continuous training and self-examination.

SINSPEC uses a sophisticated computer system to store survey data which is then used to provide customers with reports which can be used to assist in their day-to-day M&R management. When we are asked to carry out a survey job, we don’t just stop there. We add value!

When the customer receives our bill, full details are provided, so that minimal time is spent verifying our invoice. We fully realise that your time is valuable.

Workplace Safety

bizSafe level 3 www.wshc.gov.sg

As a socially responsible Employer, SINSPEC believes that there should be no conflict between workplace safety & health (WSH) and profitability and we place the safety and health of our employees, our vital resources, as one of our top priorities. After extensive risk evaluation, management and implementation of safety systems throughout our business processes, SINSPEC has been awarded the bizSafe level 3 certification in April 2009.

Our Risk Management System (RMS) entails:

- Risk assessment of all work activity or trade

- Control & monitoring of such risks

- Communicating these risks to all persons involved.

Safety is everyone’s business, but as a Leader in our industry, we are responsible for setting the standard under which safe practices are implemented, practiced, documented and improved on a continuing basis.

ISO - Quality Management

SINSPEC attained ISO 9001:2008 certification in November 2007

ISO 9001 is the world's most widely recognized Quality Management standard.

Our attainment of ISO 9001 certification demonstrates our longstanding commitment to quality & customer satisfaction.

With our ISO certification and annual assessment (last dated November 2008), our Customers and Associates can be confident that SINSPEC is dedicated to providing and maintaining the highest quality of service products leading to customer satisfaction in all phases of our business processes.

Associate Member of Container Owners Association

We are now associate member of Container Owner Association, an international organisation representing the common interests of all owners of freight containers.

The principle aims of COA are to provide global expertise, to promote common standards and to facilitate international lobbying.